Nano-Grip reduces the risk and danger of slips / falls and the resulting potential for injury, lawsuits, litigation costs and employee days lost. Nano-Grip can be used on almost all hard surfaces.

Our unique floor treatment (Nano-Grip) is not a coating that can wear off, but a chemical process that creates a tread design on the mineral surface itself without compromising the beauty of your flooring. Our products will not discolor or change the look of your floor, tile, tub or shower and is quick and easy to apply. We will give a two-year warranty on your floors and is guaranteed for the life of your tub or shower.

Who can Benefit?

Fast food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals, malls, spas, pool decks, garages, country clubs, and public buildings are just some of the facilities that need to have it applied. It is essential in homes with young children or the elderly. People in between tend to think a slip/fall will never happen to them, but the truth is quite contrary. Everyone in the home benefits from the safety of this low cost treatment. Additionally, businesses will qualify for reduced insurance rates and tax benefits as well.