SolidStepCote is water-based, non-toxic and a crystal clear ant slip resistant coating. No smell and no gloves required during application.

SolidStepCote will reduce slip and fall accidents, liabilities and insurance premiums. Use SolidStepCote in these environments and more:
Unlike other non-slip solutions for tubs and showers, SolidStepCote does not require gloves, masks or ventilation to apply and it bonds beautifully with all surfaces. With proper care, SolidStepCote will last not months, but years and will not yellow, crack or peel over time. Eventually, it will just wear down from use and another coat can be reapplied right over the top. Cleaning is a cinch, as any standard tub or shower cleaner can be used. Just don't use abrasive sponges or cleaners, the same as you would with any fiberglass, acrylic tub or shower surface.

» Anti Slip Slip Bathrooms (including bathtubs and shower stalls)
» Anti Slip Kitchen Floors
» Foyers
» Hospitals
» Hotels/Motels/Condominiums
» Grocery Stores/Convenience Stores
» Restaurants
» Schools/Dormitories
» Offices
» Non Slip Stairs
» Auto Dealerships/Repair Shops
» Loading Docks/Ramps
» Boat Decks
» Anti Slip Pool Decks
» Steps/Patios
» Factories/Warehouses/Workshops
» Retirement Communities/Assisted Living Facilities