Ceilings and Walls Need Cleaning

Airborne dirt, grease, smoke, nicotine and bacteria form a film that reaches from the surface deep into the pores of your tile.

What are the Benefits of Cleaning versus Painting or Replacement?
» Cleaning your ceiling can be done for about 20% of the cost of replacement
» Retention of fire retardant and acoustic properties
» Tiles are cleaned, and tile odors are removed
» Costs less than painting of tiles by approximately 50%
» Crews work at night or during non businesses hours so no disruption occurs for the customer
» There are no fumes or odors from the cleaning process itself
» Painting is not only messy and damaging to your tiles, it also costs about twice as much as cleaning
» Sanitizes your Ceilings and Walls

Deep Cleans/Sanitizes

Our unique formula absorbs deep into the pores where its emulsifiers, surfactants and disinfectants break down the dirt film into micro-dust particles. These invisible particles then evaporate into the atmosphere.

Safe and biodegradable